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Duncan and Leah

Do you believe in soulmates?  Leah found hers through a photograph… a mysterious man with a tattoo that spoke to her in her dreams.  Right then and there, she realized that she had found him… that they had found each other.    Duncan and Leah share a unique studio that contains wax pieces and motorcycle parts.  Duncan is also an artist, one who builds choppers and custom motorcycles.  In addition, he is a fantastic cook and nurturing father.




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Leah Macdonald

I will be sharing a few posts recounting our memorable days spent with Leah Macdonald.  Leah has many roles.  She is an artist, photographer, teacher, wife and  mother.  To me and Jason, she is a friend and an example of artistic inspiration and intellectual freedom.  We took a trip to Leah’s home and studio in Philadelphia where we met her family, photographed each other and made sweet art.


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This is our first encaustic wax piece creation.   It stands at 14″x14″.  This effort was created by Jason Keefer and Leah McDonald.   Jason met Leah last year at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) convention and trade show in Las Vegas.  Leah merges mixed media with photography, beeswax and oil pigments creating ethereal, dreamy and sometimes moody one-of-a-kind works of art.    I am so looking forward to meeting her and attending her workshop at WPPI in March.  She will also be displaying our work, which for that we are very honored.  Jason and I are also excited to now offer this service to our clients.


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