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Duncan and Leah

Do you believe in soulmates?  Leah found hers through a photograph… a mysterious man with a tattoo that spoke to her in her dreams.  Right then and there, she realized that she had found him… that they had found each other.    Duncan and Leah share a unique studio that contains wax pieces and motorcycle parts.  Duncan is also an artist, one who builds choppers and custom motorcycles.  In addition, he is a fantastic cook and nurturing father.




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Leah Macdonald

I will be sharing a few posts recounting our memorable days spent with Leah Macdonald.  Leah has many roles.  She is an artist, photographer, teacher, wife and  mother.  To me and Jason, she is a friend and an example of artistic inspiration and intellectual freedom.  We took a trip to Leah’s home and studio in Philadelphia where we met her family, photographed each other and made sweet art.


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This is our first encaustic wax piece creation.   It stands at 14″x14″.  This effort was created by Jason Keefer and Leah McDonald.   Jason met Leah last year at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) convention and trade show in Las Vegas.  Leah merges mixed media with photography, beeswax and oil pigments creating ethereal, dreamy and sometimes moody one-of-a-kind works of art.    I am so looking forward to meeting her and attending her workshop at WPPI in March.  She will also be displaying our work, which for that we are very honored.  Jason and I are also excited to now offer this service to our clients.


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Our Natural Bridge Trip

So here are a few snapshots of our trip to the Natural Bridge.  This trip included Jason, our third photographer Rae, her hubby Brad and me.  Our day was unfortunately ill-planned, because some of the sights that we were really excited about seeing (Dinosaur Kingdom, Haunted Monster Museum & Dark Maze) were closed due to new hours after Labor Day.  Poo.  What we did get to see was pretty cool, though.  Foamhenge was definitely our favorite, trumping the Natural Bridge, one of the seven natural wonders of the world…. and to think that there is a functioning highway atop the bridge (hwy 11).

About to enter the Pink Cadillac Diner for lunch.

Jason swears that this was the best hotdog he’d ever eaten in his whole life.

My lunch consisted of brown gravy with a side of fried steak, potatoes and slaw.

My lunch consisted of brown gravy with a side of fried steak, potatoes and slaw.

This is me after eating lunch.

Rae points out that all of the egg dishes are crossed out.

I love how this replica was made by 1 crazy white dude and 4-5 Mexicans.


George Washington’s survey marking.

Thumbtacks for sale at the wax museum.

Posing with Obama.

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If you asked me who would I want on my side in a bar fight, I would say Kendall Herring.  Once at an MMA fight, he knocked his opponent out in 8 seconds.  Aside from being a badass fighter and coach (he used to be one of my Muay Thai instructors), he’s also pretty darn nifty on a bike.  I spent last Sunday afternoon in Gordonsville with him and “his boys” practicing for a 4th of July gig at Brawley Fights 4 in Staunton.









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Our Austin Trip

Jay and I got to visit our good friends Todd and Sara and stay at their coolio crib in Austin in early November.   Sara had just found out that she had passed her BAR exam when we arrived, so celebration levels were a go.  We tried to pack in as much fun that we could possibly have in five days… shopping, food, music, and spending time with our good friends, their kitties Midge and Bella, and their new French Bulldog Lola! 

I would just like to take a moment and mention the power of French Bulldogs.  These dogs are chick magnets.  Sara and I left Todd and Jason alone outside with Lola while we went inside a clothing boutique.  We came out five minutes later, and the guys were surrounded by women oohing and aahing at Lola.  And who could blame them?  Lola is a cutie patootie.  She is so cute and cuddly, that you can’t even get angry with her for anything.  Lola peed on my lap during a car ride and all I could do was laugh and hug her.

 Austin is a magical place with the hottest chili and best ribs that I have ever had.  We got to see DJ Z-trip (Jason’s favorite DJ) perform at the Fun Fun Fun Fest and then experience the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema the day after.  I highly recommend the fried pickles.  Overall, our Austin trip was fantastic, and we can’t wait to return for another visit!


My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!


The famous Texas Chili Parlor!


Sara calling her folks to give them the news that she passed the BAR


Future Austin City Limits

This is Miss Lola

This is Miss Lola


This was where our shopping adventure started


Jason was so overwhelmed that he couldn't decide on any boots


What is this? I don't know what it is, but it's cool.

Todd is a Wii hoola hooping master

Todd is a Wii hoola hooping master.


Sara looking glamourous

Bella and Midge chill with me as I digest all the food I just consumed

Chillin' with Bella and Midge

Brought our friends a little momento from home

Brought our friends a little momento from home


Utter cuteness

Beer and Bocci

Beer and Bocce

Farewell Austin!

Farewell Austin!

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MMA Institute of Charlottesville

This is Angie Hines, Charlottesville's Tuff Girl.

I started training in the martial art of Muay Thai several years ago under Frank Cucci, head of Linxx Academy in Virginia Beach.  My hubby Jason also went to the same school, studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  We were both very passionate in our training, but when we moved away from the beach, we found it difficult to find a comparable martial art school in our area (Linxx Academy is quite awesome).

I happened to hear about the MMA Institute from a former teacher of mine who trains Monday afternoon classes at Gold’s Gym.  I drove out to Ruckersville where the MMA Institute is currently located and gave a trial class a whirl.  I found that everyone there was friendly, professional, and highly trained.  So, now I’m there pretty regularly.  There are a few instructors that I train under:  Dave Morris, Howard Hines and his wife, Angie.  I’d like to talk about Angie a bit.  Angie teaches the ladies Muay Thai class twice a week.  She has been training for about three years now, and is getting ready to compete in her second fight… this Saturday in Vegas!  The event is called Tuff Grlz Fight Night.  If she wins this competition, then she will have the chance to star in this new reality TV show on the Oxygen Channel, called… Tuff Grlz.  Anyhoo, I think she’s pretty awesome, and I think she is going to win.  I brought my camera with me a couple of times to class, and here are a few snapshots.  -Tammy

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