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Carlton James – Is Venue – Charlottesville, VA

On Wednesday the 14th, I saw Carlton James perform for the first time.  It was also my first time in the new Is venue, which was formerly known as Starr Hill Music Hall.  Still a great place to view music acts, and Carlton James was no exception.  The music sort of reminded me of old timey country with twangy Louisiana blues.  I was also delighted to see my friend Mike playing pedal steel.   Here are a few snapshots from that show.










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Jason and I took a little break from work to spend some time with friends on Labor Day weekend.  The weather was great and the food was scrum-dilly-umpciuos… great fun!  I did get a few itchy welts from a couple of mosquitoes before being saved by someone’s organic insect repellent. Other than that, the evening was perfect.  These are just a few shots from the cookout.

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Beetnix Video Shoot – Downtown Mall – Charlottesville, VA

Our good friend Waterloo of local hip hop group Beetnix invited me and Jason to be in their video shoot for ‘Citizen Kane’ on the Downtown Mall, Friday August 29.  If you have never heard the Beetnix before, go listen to them now.  Check them out.  They are AMAZINGLY good, and they really know how to get an audience jumping.

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