Cale and Amanda: Foxchase Manor, Manassas, VA – April 11, 2010

You may not know this about me and Jason, but we eloped nearly five years ago at the Albemarle County Juvenile Detention Center/Jail.  So romantic, I know.  No, we weren’t in trouble with Johnny Law or anything, we just didn’t realize that the magistrate’s office was located there.  Remember that question, who cuts the barber’s hair? Well, it would have to be someone that the barber trusted  and thought was a pretty darn good barber.   As a wedding photographer, we have often wondered who would have been our photographer, our cake maker, our DJ, etc. had we actually had a wedding.  For a wedding photographer to hire someone to photograph their own wedding, I think that says quite a lot about the photographer-for-hire.  We were so touched, flattered and taken aback when wedding photographer Amanda Simmons called us and insisted that we shoot her wedding.  She found us through event planner Megan Daubert, who we absolutely love working with.  She is a top-notch event planner, and if she wasn’t planning weddings, she could easily earn a living as a singer or stand-up comedian.  Megan has been one of Amanda’s closest friends, and was also a bridesmaid for the wedding!  Of course, the wedding weekend was a blast!  Amanda and Cale’s wedding was nestled in between me and Jason’s birthdays, his on the ninth, and mine on the fourteenth.  Wouldn’t you know that there was an extra cake at the reception with our names on it??  Oh, and get this… we had a fun challenge trying to tell Cale apart from his best man, Nick.  Cale and Nick are twins, and they also both US Army Rangers, how awesome is that?  Let’s not forget Amanda’s shoes… those hot, ruby red slippers…



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5 responses to “Cale and Amanda: Foxchase Manor, Manassas, VA – April 11, 2010

  1. Elisa Bricker

    LOVE, these photos you two. Simply beautiful. Well done!

  2. Nick

    These are awesome and I love that the rangers wore their Class A’s with their boots bloused, hooah!

  3. Thank you Elisa and Nick. It feels good to get comments on this blog 🙂

    I am very happy with the pictures. I feel they capture the mood over the whole weekend with Amanda and Cale. Both of their families were so kind and gracious toward me and Tammy. They all made us feel very welcome.

    And that’s a recipe for awesome pictures!


  4. Ok, I have to be honest, you made me get a little teary eyed. Tammy, you are such a good writer and who doesn’t love a little shout out here and there?! Love you guys!

  5. Very awesome post! Really.

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