Snow, Snow and…. More Snow.

Here is a picture of our home right after Mother Nature dropped off about 24 inches of snow on our doorsteps.   Stark, serene and so beautiful.  The storm resulted in the mass majority of Virginia residents losing their power, ourselves included.   We had access to a generator, but it unfortunately was not strong enough to power our well pump.  Without water, electricity and heat, we packed up and stayed with friends for a few days.  For three nights we stayed with our friends Matthew and Amanda, who will be getting married in June!  We are so honored and thrilled to be photographing their wedding and reception which will be held at the newly renovated Jefferson Theater in the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville.  Thanks to them, and thanks to Aaron Watson who shacked us up inside his beautiful new home on the final days.  To all of our friends, we are so grateful… thank you for keeping us warm.  We love you.



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