Year’s End 2009

I paint a picture

to remember

you’re too beautiful

to put into words

like a gypsy

you dance in circles

all around me

and all over the world

pj harvey

It’s only natural to get wrapped up with all of the details and duties of managing a wedding photography business.  The meetings, the social networking, the blogging, the accounting… keeping up with latest trends and technology…  and the exploration of rediscovering ourselves as photographers and human beings.  Here we are at the end of another wonderful year… the year of 2009.   This is the moment where we reflect on our experiences.  Why do we really do what we do?  What does it all mean?

It’s about love.


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2 responses to “Year’s End 2009

  1. Rae

    What a beautiful year you had! I love you guys!

  2. Those were some great images from 2009, thanks for sharing them all together in one post. Luved the elevator shot!

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