Seth & Artemis’ Engagement: Monticello, Charlottesville, VA

We are so thankful for Seth and Artemis suggesting Monticello for engagement portraits.  I abashedly admit that after living in Charlottesville for nearly five years, Jason and I haven’t taken the time to visit some of the rich history that surrounds us.  The day before the shoot, Jason and I, along with our third photographer Rae and her hubby, Brad, embarked on a small journey to Natural Bridge.  We got to check out one of the seven natural wonders of the world along with Foamhenge and the caverns.  I am quite impressed with our weekend enriched with history, sightseeing and campiness (i.e. Foamhenge).  Look out for pics of our trip… more to come…

I am looking forward to this wedding.  The entire ceremony and reception will be held at Maggiano’s in Tysons Corner in early October.  Artemis’ dad will be officiating the ceremony in a traditional Iranian fashion.  An entire day filled with diverse culture, fantastic food and fun promises to be a delight!


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