John and Lindsay’s Engagement – JMU Arboretum – Harrisonburg, VA


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think John and Lindsay may have taken us to a burger joint in Harrisonburg whose burgers are better, if not just as good as Riverside Lunch in Charlottesville.  That place is called Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint, and maybe they’re so good because that’s all they serve.  Well, there’s fries and deep fried Oreos, too.  I had ordered an Oreo, but never got around to eating it.  I felt like I needed a gurney after eating there, but everything was soooo good.  This is where John, Lindsay, Jason and I all went to eat after shooting John and Lindsay’s engagement portraits.  We started inside their lovely home that John had finished building recently, and then we all headed to JMU’s Arboretum.  We look forward to their wedding next year in May, which will be held at Lindsay’s father’s magnificent property in Great Falls, VA.




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