Rest in peace, Friend. April 26, 1996 - May 2, 2009.

It is with a heavy heart that I write today about the loss of our beloved friend and family member, Faucet.   He was struck and instantly killed by a vehicle this past weekend on the highway near our home.  We can only take a small amount of comfort in knowing that he did not suffer. 

Faucet lived a great life.  His world consisted of running the woods, pulling weeds for Jay whenever he mowed the lawn, barking at deer, herding in the UPS and Fed Ex trucks up our driveway, snacking on tons of treats, and sleeping in our bed underneath the covers on cold nights.  Even though Faucet was 13 years old, his personality still rang out as a puppy.   He loved to be around people, especially the ladies.   If you have ever met Faucet, you probably realized immediately why his name was Faucet.  My car’s back windows still have the remnants of his drool and nose prints plastered lovingly all over, even after I have tried to clean them…., but now I think that I will leave them there for as long as they want to stay. 

Dearest Faucet, you were such an outstanding friend.  We will miss you.

– tammy


Hanging out with his friend, Chopper.


Faucet requesting a treat.


Faucet protected us and our home from a black bear. He had a couple of wounds on his chest.


Faucet and Chopper sharing some spotlight during Mike and Sara's engagement shoot.


Hanging out with the guys as they get ready for Todd and Sara's wedding.


Faucet jumping in with Sam during her shoot.



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  1. Rae

    I will always remember your distinctive bark/howl. Such a wonderful companion, you will be dearly missed. Here’s to an endless amount of treats and plenty of critters to chase…

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