A Note About Boudoir



we receive a lot of  inquiries from clients wanting to know if we offer boudoir photography, and the answer is YES indeed!  jason and i both love boudoir, and we love to shoot boudoir images.   the human shape in all it’s various colors and glorious forms  coupled with natural light and shadows produce some of the most delightful images in the world.  our desire in the images that we produce is to evoke feelings of sensuality, innocence, love and truth in good taste.  even though the word boudoir is another word for a lady’s private bedroom or dressing room, we feel that boudoir is for everyone.  ladies, boudoir can be all about you.  it can also involve your man, or it can be a fun shoot with your girlfriends.

please contact us to schedule a session with us or let us answer some questions that you may have.  we would love to hear from you.  know that we respect your privacy and full discretion is given.  your images will not be shown or viewed publicy without your written consent.








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