Featured in The Hook

We are happy to be featured in our local paper The Hook’s wedding issue.  A big  thank you to our brides and grooms and to The Hook!


Wedded Bliss: The To Do’s of Recent I Do’s


Charlie Anne Norton & Andre Luiz Xavier

Friday, October 3, 2008

Location: King Family Vineyard in Crozet

Guests: 100

Engagement: 10 months

Budget: $17,000

Splurged on: Venue, photography, food and beverage

Scrimped on: We chose not to have a wedding planner to save money, but now my husband and I wish we would have thought that decision through a little more. Friends and family helped me to make my own invitation, save-the-dates, and wedding programs. I used photos from the wedding to create a very charming postcard-style thank you note. Real flowers were only used for the wedding party. My mother prepared all inside decorations including the centerpieces. We were always looking for great deals on decorative items including votive candles, ribbon, glass vases, etc. I scrimped on the dress because you don’t need to spend a thousand dollars to look great! My mother is very talented, so she made the jewelry for my bridesmaids and me. She also made my two veils, which were embellished with beautiful beading and swarovski crystals.

Weather: Sunny and 70 degrees

Music: We chose Montebello string quartet for the ceremony and DJ Derek Tobler for our reception.

First dance song: “Fade into you” by Mazzy Star

Best: The party! Sharing our wedding with our family and friends was the best part. We truly had one of the best venues which made my dream of a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony perfect.

Worst: Price Tag! There’s still a lot of cost associated with planning a wedding, no matter how much money you have or how much money save.

Unexpected: The ceremony was delayed by a half an hour because no one could find my father to walk me down the aisle. Later, I found out that an hour and a half before the ceremony, the already decorated Arbor blew over and broke. My Dad searched all of Charlottesville, found one, and put it together at the last moment.

Advice: Be sure to hire a wedding planner so you can enjoy the wedding instead of worrying about everything that happens. No matter what, your wedding day will be perfect, so don’t sweat the small stuff!


Lori Nam, Jonathan Rhee

May 31, 2008

Location: Ceremony held at Global Mission Church of Greater Washington in Silver Spring, Maryland; Cocktail hour and reception held at Marriott Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Guests: 650

Engagement: 13 months

Budget: N/A

Splurged on: Food and alcohol (reception dinner & cocktail hour, upgraded open bar, personalized candy bar), music (live jazz band), photographer, videographer, wedding gown.

Scrimped on: wedding cake

Weather: Two hours of rain in the late morning, clear and sunny in the afternoon.

Music: DJ (80’s, hip-hop, R&B), cocktail hour (live jazz band)

First dance song: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Matt Dusk

Best: Beautiful flower arrangements, amazing photography, special song during the ceremony; the candy bar was a major hit at our wedding!

Worst: The time crunch with two receptions back-to-back; not enough time to spend with family and friends who attended our wedding.

Anything unexpected? Rain in the morning meant we were unable to take pictures with bridesmaids outdoors.

Advice: Plan in advance! If you’re having a large event, it always helps to hire a wedding planner to keep yourself organized. And don’t forget to enjoy the events.

Behind the Shots: Weird, Wild, Wonderful Wedding Moments


Jason Keefer, Jason Keefer Photography

A stately walk turned silly when this bride and groom got in the groove and started “struttin’ their stuff,” says Keefer.


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