The Powell Family – Staunton, VA

Jason and I spent an entire Sunday with Jeff, Melanie and Cameron at their home in Waynesboro.  Their dog Bailey joined in the fun as well!  Much of the focus was on Jeff and Melanie’s adorable son Cameron, whom they’ve adopted from Guatemala.  Cameron took an instant liking to Jason, pelting him with his favorite stuffed animals and toys!  I think the cutest moment was after our shoot when we all went out to dinner.  Cameron was so exhausted from all the day’s excitement that he could barely stay awake while eating.  We kept thinking that he was just going to pass out, but he ate his entire meal!

I also want to mention that Jeff is a phenomenal DJ.  He spins with another great friend of ours, DJ Ducktape.  Together they are the Duck Brothers, and I highly suggest you catch them when they are performing around town. 










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