MMA Institute of Charlottesville

This is Angie Hines, Charlottesville's Tuff Girl.

I started training in the martial art of Muay Thai several years ago under Frank Cucci, head of Linxx Academy in Virginia Beach.  My hubby Jason also went to the same school, studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  We were both very passionate in our training, but when we moved away from the beach, we found it difficult to find a comparable martial art school in our area (Linxx Academy is quite awesome).

I happened to hear about the MMA Institute from a former teacher of mine who trains Monday afternoon classes at Gold’s Gym.  I drove out to Ruckersville where the MMA Institute is currently located and gave a trial class a whirl.  I found that everyone there was friendly, professional, and highly trained.  So, now I’m there pretty regularly.  There are a few instructors that I train under:  Dave Morris, Howard Hines and his wife, Angie.  I’d like to talk about Angie a bit.  Angie teaches the ladies Muay Thai class twice a week.  She has been training for about three years now, and is getting ready to compete in her second fight… this Saturday in Vegas!  The event is called Tuff Grlz Fight Night.  If she wins this competition, then she will have the chance to star in this new reality TV show on the Oxygen Channel, called… Tuff Grlz.  Anyhoo, I think she’s pretty awesome, and I think she is going to win.  I brought my camera with me a couple of times to class, and here are a few snapshots.  -Tammy

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