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Beetnix Video Shoot – Downtown Mall – Charlottesville, VA

Our good friend Waterloo of local hip hop group Beetnix invited me and Jason to be in their video shoot for ‘Citizen Kane’ on the Downtown Mall, Friday August 29.  If you have never heard the Beetnix before, go listen to them now.  Check them out.  They are AMAZINGLY good, and they really know how to get an audience jumping.


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Charlottesville Wedding Photographers Representin’ at David Jay ‘Succeed’ Tour

From left to right:  Sarah Cramer, Aaron Watson, Jason Keefer, David Jay, Tammy Keefer, Billy Hunt, and Jen Fariello.

David Jay’s ‘Free to Succeed’ tour in Alexandria, VA on Thursday, August 28th was both inspiring and educational.  Here, a great group of talented Charlottesville wedding photographers got to cheese with DJ after the seminar.  What fun guys!


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